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Sarah Italian Living/Dining

Beautiful authentic imported Sarah dining/living from Italy

"100% Made in Italy Certification”, which provides consumers with the guarantee on the Italian origin and quality of purchased products.

The certification is issued by the "Istituto Tutela Produttori Italiani". The management of the certification process with the producers is handled by Promindustria SPA.


Colour: Grey Birch

Finishing: High Gloss Lacquer

Type: Multi Layer Acrylic Coating

Handles colour: Chrome

Mechanism: Soft-Closing  



1 door cabinet: 25.20"L x 16.93"W x 72.44H

2 door cabinet: 40.16"L x 16.93"W x 72.44"H

4 door buffet: 79.53"L x 19.29"W x 33.46"H

3 door TV Unit: 58.27"L x 19.09"W x 19.29"H

4 door TV Unit: 79.53"L x 19.09"W x 19.29"H

Coffee Table: 51.18"L x 31.50"W x 15.75"H

Fixed Dining Table: 70.87"L x 40.95"W x 29.92"H

Table with 1 extension: 88.58"L x 40.95"W x 29.92"H

Table with 2 extension: 106.30"L x 40.95"W x 29.92"H

Dining Chair: 18.50"L x 22.05"W x 39.76"H