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(FLOOR MODEL ONLY) 3D Reclining Massage Chair - Zero Gravity

This High Quality Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair mimics a professional full body massage.

Perfect after a long day at work, a hard day at the gym, or for recovery after high intensity sport activities.

This massage chair comes with a body scan function which modifies the massage for each person to sit in the chair for the appropriate height and weight.

Unlike many other massage chairs on the market, we offer the Zero Gravity position which reclines your body into different positions through the massage. As the chair reclines, the back moves forward so that you only need 8 cm of clearance behind the chair so that the chair does not hit your wall. 

Our massage chairs include various types of components to enhance the massage including foot rollers, back rollers, and airbags throughout the chair.

This New Massage Chair design also comes with a new Bluetooth Music function.

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