Brand: Signature Ashley's

Signature Ashley

Capehorn - Granite (76902-I)

Sometimes seeing is believing. Rest assured this rocker recliner is every bit as indulgent as it looks. Designed to put you in the lap of luxury, this generously scaled recliner—wrapped in a wonderfully plush and practical granite gray upholstery—sports scooped pillow wrapped armrests and curvaceously cushioned head-neck support for feel-good flair.

    All Dimensions

    Rocker Recliner(7690225)(I)
    Qty Depth Length Height
    1 (Each) 42 Inches 44 Inches 43 Inches

    Reclining Sofa(7690288)(I)
    Qty Depth Length Height
    1 (Each) 42 Inches 91 Inches 43 Inches

    DBL Rec Loveseat w/Console(7690294)(I)
    Qty Depth Length Height
    1 (Each) 42 Inches 81 Inches 43 Inches

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